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The International Credentialing through Accredit Global offers certified practitioners and partners to utilise our globally accredited system to go above and beyond the typical assessment and training to work with special needs of your clients. 

ISO Diversity and Inclusion Certification was created by a team of experts, including international leaders in the medical and educational fields, university researchers, master educators, and clinical professionals. 

The program were designed based on feedback from your peers and leaders in organisational psychology and strategic inclusive leadership education to deliver real time insights to your corporate dashboard, keeping you abreast of improvements and changes in your Work related performance systems. 

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John Deere - Global

The quality of a company is expressed through the quality of its leadership. For more than 180 years, John Deere has benefitted from strong, decisive leaders at its helm. Led by Samuel R. Allen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Deere & Company is dedicated to the core values of integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation.

Harris Farm - Australia

Since 1971 when David & Cathy Harris opened their first store in Villawood, we’ve believed in something greater than just selling fresh food. We’ve believed in nature itself. The land, the sea, the air, the elements. It’s a remarkable thing. It brings families together, supports communities, and gives farmers a means. It offers nutrients to our bodies, and joy to our taste buds.

ARN Media - Australia

ARN is a leading Australian media and entertainment business creating the future of audio entertainment with high energy brands such as KIIS, Pure Gold, iHeartRadio and the Edge. We captivate audiences and connect our customers with over 5 million Australians each week. ARN energises brands through our talent, content and innovative ideas, with a data rich insight led approach.

We’ve Been Auditing Diversity For Over 15 Years

In depth reporting is your ‘access all areas’ to the health of your Human Capital and Business and its people it also delivers instantaneous, unfiltered feedback will help you establish a culture of wellness and place you at the forefront of becoming a best employer. 

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