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Diversity and Inclusion 


Our Mission Is to Provide Everything you need to meet your Diversity & Inclusion Accreditation needs. 

Accreditation services are delivered in a way that reduces our client’s administrative effort, providing more time for making quality improvements rather than the paperwork that is often associated with accreditation. Our web-based self-assessment tool, AccreditationPro has been designed to simplify and streamline the accreditation process. 


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All staff are experts in accreditation, with more than sixteen years’ experience in quality improvement services across all sectors


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We recognise that the value of accreditation is dependent on its validity, reliability 


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Our trained staff are here to assist you where ever you are with support and services


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We are internationally accredited and continually improving our approach to accreditation


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We work actively to create an environment where Assessors and accreditation decision makers are free from any kind of inappropriate internal or external influence



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We allow multiple accreditations to take place simultaneously to provide a seamless experience for your organisation, while minimising complexity and reducing duplication of work efforts.

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Organisations with more inclusive cultures have measureable positive organisational outcomes. 

While most business leaders now believe that having a diverse and inclusive culture is critical to performance, many how to develop an impactful strategy.

Primary Assessment

Shifts in age profiles, education, and migration flows, along with expectations of equality and work/life balance, are creating more diverse workforces and intergenerational changes.

Organisational Review

Empowered and increasingly diverse customers expect more personalisation of products and services as well as higher levels of corporate social responsibility from all levels of your organisation.

Inclusive Leadership

 The proliferation of complex problems requires diversity of ideas to resolve, innovate and protect against the risk of group think.  Inclusive Leadership is the heart of your systemic change. 


Demand is shifting to emerging markets. With their growing middle class, these new markets represent the single biggest growth opportunity for many global companies..


Our core assessment tool is the online Inclusion Index which assesses employees perceptions about their experiences of diversity and inclusion, alongside demographic characteristics.


 This is complemented with focus groups and structured interviews which aim to explore key themes in greater depth and data from these sources synthesised to develop a comprehensive report and build an impactful strategy

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One of the most invigorating experiences where the organisation underwent a ground breaking change program for Human Capital. It’s hard to imagine that this type of journey can be a life long change in our culture for future generations.  “

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